PTSD, Veterans and Cannabis

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Tune into Season 6 opener Episode 60 to hear from a panel of 5 guests discussing what PTSD is, how cannabis can help, and how Veterans are being effected by PTSD. Episode 60 was recorded at Lit Dispensary in Denver, CO with panelists: Dr. David Gordon, Anna Yensen, Veteran David Larose, Bruce Nassau, Ph.D. partner of Lit Dispensary, and Elias Paniagua of Viola Brands.

Full Video Episode is available on YouTube.

Dr. David Gordon

PTSD, Veterans, and Cannabis

David Gordon has more than 20 years experience working with patients. His expertise is providing non-pharmaceutical options for chronic disease prevention and treatment, using 4 Pillars—food, movement, relaxation & community—as the centerpiece of treatment. He currently provide health consultations with a focus on implementing effective cannabis therapies to patients wishing to utilize this powerful plant as part of their health and wellness regimen. During his time in practice, he has witnessed the safety and effectiveness that medical cannabis offers to patients and is excited to be on the forefront of cannabis medicine, bringing that knowledge to patients and the mainstream medical community.

In additional to clinical care, he regularly lectures to patient and practitioner communities on the science of the endocannabinoid system and the use of phytocannabinoids for treatment, as well as advising companies within the cannabis industry that focus on cannabis education and its medical use.

Dr. Gordon welcomes opportunities to collaborate and advise cannabis and integrative medicine industry partners, whose focus and passion are education, research and community outreach.

Bruce Nassau, Ph.D.

Bruce Nassau has a long standing background working in the telecommunication sector for over 30 years. Most recently PTSD, Veterans and CannabisBruce has been heavily involved in the cannabis industry participating in the Cannabis Investment Group that acquired many brands from 2010-present. Nassau is a partner of Lit Denver operating a 16,000 square foot grow operation and retail medical/recreational dispensary in Denver, CO. He is also an active member of Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) the largest industry trade association in Colorado and a Board Member of Colorado Leads. He’s spent much of his time working with various politicians to promote fair banking in the cannabis industry as well as to eliminate tax code 280E. In his free time Bruce is an avid reader and golf enthusiast and loves supporting research efforts for multiple sclorosis and PTSD.

Veteran, David LaRose

PTSD, Veterans, and CannabisI grew up in the D.C. Baltimore area. Dad was a Marine. I looked up to him. Its because of him is why I joined. I wanted to be just like dad. I actually joined when I was 17, with dads signature. Turning 18 in boot camp. I did boot camp at Parris Island. Golf Company Plt 2094 My MOS was Aviation Life Support Systems (ALSS) Flight Equipment. The pilots and aircrew were my responsibility. Everything they wore. From flight suites to helmets to O2 masks. And everything that was survival gear. Life rafts first aide kits. Life preservers ect. Them and all their survival gear were my responsibility. After 9/11 I was workin on one of my C-130’s installing a life raft into the wing. It was crazy windy out. This huge gust of wind hit the raft door and it slammed down on the back of my head. Split it wide open. Bite a whole through my lip. Black eyes bruised facial bones. Busted my face up. Of course knocked unconscious. I was on top of the wind/plane as well. My buddy got me down off the wing and off the plane. Because of the TBI I have siezures. And I have PTSD. I was not only a Flight E guy I was also a rifle and pistol coach. So I taught Marines how to take life. While my main job was to save life. I was on both sides of the coin.

Anna Yensen

PTSD, Veterans and CannabisAnna entered the Cannabis Industry with a CBD vape line in 2015. Her line evolved, and the company started extracting and processing Industrial Hemp. She has since sold her partnership, and right now Anna is focusing on consulting full time.

She has prioritized advocacy for domestic violence survivors living with PTSD. In 2017, Anna testified twice on behalf of victims of domestic violence in Denver, Colorado. Her testimonies helped place PTSD on the list of qualifying illnesses for a medical cannabis card in Colorado.

Elias Paniagua

PTSD, Veterans and CannabisElias Paniagua has been working in the cannabis industry for many years previously at Weedmaps and currently operating in Sales for Viola Brands.

Elias has a traumatic childhood background that led him to PTSD and anxiety issues as an adult. Today he utilizes plant medicine to help with day to day living and combatting many of the symptoms spurred from his past.