E.161 – Premium CBD Flower & Tennessee Cannabis Legalization ft. David Miller and Erich Maelzer of Flow Gardens

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Joining us today is David Miller and Erich Maelzer of Flow Gardens. Flow Gardens is an indoor cultivation specializing in premium CBD flower in East Tennessee, they even won a High Times Cannabis Cup award this year for their Blue Cheese #12. We had the opportunity to try out their premium CBD flower and let us tell you it’s amazing, some of the best CBD flower we’ve ever seen!  

Erich has been cultivating cannabis for decades and shares with us insight into the different growing practices they are R&Ding at Flow Gardens from living soil to hydroponics and how different cultivation techniques have an effect on the CBD flower. David shares more with us about the business of cultivating CBD flower in Tennessee and some of the challenges they have faced as a business. We all talk about the benefits of CBD and the positive impact it could have on one’s wellbeing.

David and Erich share more about the legalization efforts in Tennessee teaching us about how the state could hopefully move forward with medical cannabis or full legalization in the future. It was a pleasure to speak with Erich and David who are passionate about the plant and are providing premium CBD flower and education to consumers through Flow Gardens.

If you are looking for a premium retailer of CBD flower Flow Gardens is it! 

Erich Maelzer & David Miller

Randomly through a family friend, two seasoned entrepreneurs were first introduced at the perfect time. Maelzer had just started his new cannabis cultivation company that was exploding with growth, while Miller was selling his business of 15 years seeking to find a more passionate life purpose. Maelzer’s invaluable experience is self taught thought the School of Hard Knocks and Mr. Miller’s education is from MIT, Univ. of Tennessee, and Oglethorpe. 

Premium CBD Flower Flow GardensMaelzer has been a technically savy cultivator for decades in the SMB space and Miller ran sales and operations in corporate America and the SMB space for 20 years. Combining these operational and cultivation skills, their Yin-Yang approach to cannabis has created a strategy and business plan focused on quality, health, and wellness. There is a special leadership factor you’ll learn by listening to their two different dynamics and it’s exactly what the cannabis industry demands. This might surprise you the most…how is all this being done in a state (Tennessee) that doesn’t legally allow marijuana? Maelzer and Miller share their personal journey so you can see “What’s Next to Come” in cannabis.

Maelzer was born and raised in East TN with 3 beautiful adult girls, a loving wife, Shannon, a stepson Easton and two French Bulldogs, Toby and Lulu. Miller, also born and raised in East TN, has a blended family of 3 boys, adopted cousin, a cracker jack of a wife, Suzanne, and 3 dogs, Gogo, Jersey, and Alfi. Whether it’s on a sandy beach or in a grow facility, you’ll be amazed at the magic that transpires when these two get together!