E.168 – Live Rosin Edibles ft. Steve Morigi, Olio

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Tune in to E.168 ft. Steve Morigee, Olio’s Original Extraction Expert. Olio is an industry leader in cannabis extract innovation, crafting products of the highest quality since 2016. They specialize in both butane and solventless extraction to create beautiful, clean and potent concentrates that consumers have known to love.

Steve shares more about his background in the cannabis industry and how he got started working at Olio. We learn more about Olio’s mission including their commitment to clean concentrates with a strong understanding of the cannabis culture here in Colorado.

Recently they launched their first edible line in collaboration with Day Three Labs pharma-grade technology. These live edibles are made with live rosin and offer all-natural ingredients. Steve provides insight into how these live rosin edibles came to be including extensive R&D and consumer research. We also learn more about Day Three Lab’s innovative technology that was utilized to create this unique experience.

If you are a lover of Olio you will love these live rosin edibles. You can find them in select Colorado locations with more drops coming soon!

Steve Morigi

Steve Morigi is an extraction expert and a veteran of Colorado’s legal medical and adult-use cannabis sectors since 2010, with experience across all levels of the industry. In his roles at Olio, he works to ensure that only the finest-quality cannabis extracts are produced with a level of terpene preservation that Live Rosin Gummies Olio Steve Morigiguarantees preeminent flavor concentrations. He also oversees marketing and branding initiatives, conceives and directs product collaborations and drives competition entries. On the R&D side, he helps coordinate cultivation schedules for the development of new terpene-rich products within the strict parameters that keep Olio true to its mission and goals. Steve is constantly inspired by the customers he meets through community outreach efforts, partnerships and local events.

Prior to his work with Olio, Steve started working with concentrates at 710 Labs by helping open the original Boulder, Colorado, location and opening and overseeing the original Denver, Colorado, location. He was also a key player in establishing the brand in the California market. Over the course of his career Steve has worked as a budtender, trimmer, cultivator and processor, and is an accomplished glass blower. Originally from New Jersey, he now lives in Westminster, Colorado, and when time permits enjoys engaging in Denver’s vibrant music scene, snowboarding and exploring Colorado’s backcountry.