Will Power CBD Protein – Will Carr

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Check out Episode 20 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast with Guest, Will Carr, Founder of Will Power Products. Will Power specializes in ReGen CBD protein powder. Tune in to learn more about the science of CBD and it’s health benefits, hemp as a future trend of supplements, and more!

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Will Carr

Will Carr is the Founder of WillPower Products. As a former professional athlete himself, Will is dedicated to providing the highest quality, all-natural, products to his customers. Everyone deserves to live their best, healthiest life, and Will is here to help provide that.

Will’s story starts on a farm in the Midwest. My mother, a school teacher, and my father, a farmer, and entrepreneur himself. I have one older brother who was severely disabled at birth, he’s experienced kidney failure, mental disabilities, scoliosis, and blindness to name a few. Every one of my family members attributed a great lesson that led me to create WillPower Products. Growing up watching his dad work for himself gave him the entrepreneurial bug. His mom taught him to love unconditionally and live life with a heart filled with joy. And his brother motivated him to be the best he could be at everything he attempted.

Check out WillPower Products to learn more about ReGen CBD Protein as well as some excited new products in the pipe line for this company!