Chef Nikki – Cannabis Dinner Parties

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Nikki Steward took a leap of faith 8 years ago when she decided she would become a Chef. At the time she had no formal education as a culinary artist, instead she used her background in Pharmaceutical Sciences and pure grit to create The High-End Affair. This change in careers has led her to cook for many well-known celebrities and athletes including DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle and more.

We sat down with Nikki to discuss her passion for cooking with cannabis and the unforgettable, high-end experiences she’s created over the years. Recently Nikki teamed up with PAX Labs on a special plant based recipe collaboration to celebrate the release of PAX’s new Era Life vaporizer. She created four super simple, vegan recipes that are perfect for summer and pair perfectly with PAX! We finish up the episode chatting about her role in Chappelle Summer Camp which has been keeping her busy the last few weeks.

Stay tuned until the end where Chef Nikki recommends a banana pudding recipe that is sure to turn heads at your next summer BBQ.

Chef Nikki High-End affair

Chef Nikki Steward

Chef Nikki High End AffairChef Nikki Steward, the creator of The High-End Affair, is one of the most sought-after culinary entertainment chefs in the country. A culinary artist who has prepared gastronomical experiences for corporate leaders, celebrities, athletes and social influencers. Her niche approach to whole & healthy foods has enabled her to study under executive chefs from around the world. She toured with DJ Khaled and curated dinners for celebs, including Snoop Dogg, Dave Chappelle and The Migos. In front of dinner crowds, she weaves stories about life, culture and local cuisine. Chef Nikki has mastered the art of cannabis, culinary and conversation. The High-End Affair Experience is a touring cannabis culinary entertainment brand that brings together the cannabis industry influencers for an evening of food and networking.

A cooking enthusiast who studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at The Ohio State University, Chef Nikki incorporates the importance of healthy eating within her culinary experiences. Providing hands-on instruction on how to shop, prepare and maintain healthy eating habits with combinations of fresh, local, organic produce and healing properties of superfoods.