E. 145 – Cannabis and Fitness, Michigan Cannabis ft. Lamar Byrd Jr.

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Tune in to Episode 145 featuring return guest, Lamar Byrd Jr. Founder of Kush Pump and Kush Nutra Oil.

Lamar is a nationally ranked body builder and cannabis enthusiast. We spoke to Lamar about incorporating cannabis into his fitness routine and how taking care of your body is very similar to cultivating strong cannabis plants. Lamar provides insight into the importance of fueling your body consciously and how those lessons can be translated into caring for a cannabis plant.

Lamar has been working in the Michigan cannabis market for 2 years. We discussed the differences between Michigan’s and Colorado’s cannabis market as well as some pros and cons he’s seen in this new market.

If you are looking to learn more about incorporating cannabis into your fitness regimen and are looking for some pointers from a pro this is your episode!

Lamar Byrd Jr.

Lamar Byrd Jr. is a nationally ranked body builder and cannabis enthusiast. He’s been incorporating Cannabis and Fitness Lamar Byrdcannabis (THC and CBD) into his workout regimen for many years. Lamar is also the Founder of Kush Pump and Kush Nutra Oil.

Kush Pump is the home for the ‘Fitstoners’ as an apparel brand and accessories but also serves to eliminate the negative lazy stigma that comes with consuming Cannabis. Kush Pump is also an information platform on all things related to Cannabis to help with education, awareness, and rights for patients.

Today Lamar works in the Michigan Cannabis Market in wholesale cannabis sales and is also an experienced cultivator in both Colorado and Michigan markets.