Psilocybin Legalization and Compliance – Allay Consulting

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Kim Stuck started her career with the City of Denver becoming the first cannabis regulator in the space back before anyone really knew how to regulate this new industry. After working alongside manufacturers, cultivators, retailers and legislators for many years she decided to branch off onto her own creating Allay Consulting. As a consultant Kim is able to work with clients to find solutions to their compliance problems while being able to offer insight from her past experience working as a regulator.

Kim recently moved to Oregon expanding Allay Consulting’s cannabis consulting services and expanding the business into psilocybin compliance. While regulations are still being written in Oregon, Kim hopes to be part of that process being able to offer the same skills sets she’s provided to the cannabis industry now in the psilocybin space. Learn more about decriminalization of psilocybin that took place in Oregon in Nov 2020 and Kim’s predictions for what we can expect for the psilocybin industry in years to come.

Kim Stuck

Allay Consulting Psilocybin ComplianceKim Stuck is the founder and CEO of Allay Consulting, a compliance strategy and services provider serving the hemp and cannabis industries nationwide. She brings a regulator’s keen eye and wide-reaching knowledge on evolving compliance and safety mandates to support businesses in tightly regulated industries. Previously, Ms. Stuck held a pioneering role as the nation’s first cannabis and hemp specialist for a major metropolitan public health authority. During her tenure with the City of Denver, home to hundreds of cannabis businesses, she worked as an investigator covering cultivation, manufacturing and retail.

Her duties included facility inspections; conducting investigations into improper pesticide use and worker safety; creating regulations; instituting recalls; and public outreach. Ms. Stuck holds numerous accreditations, such as certified quality auditor (CQA) and certified professional of food safety (CP-FS), among others. In addition to serving on several industry advisory boards, she has been a member of ASTM International’s cannabis standards committee since its 2017 inception.