E.155 – Cannabis Investments & Entrepreneurship ft. Patrick Rea, Poseidon

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Tune in to E.155 ft. Patrick Rea, Managing Director at Poseidon. Prior to his role at Poseidon, Patrick founded and was the CEO of CanopyBoulder for 6 years. During his time at Canopy Patrick raised and managed five funds and led investments for 115 companies in the cannabis industry. Today, Patrick works with Poseidon Asset Management, which was started in 2013 making their first fund one of the longest running dedicated cannabis investment funds.

Patrick discusses how he got started in the cannabis industry and more on the work he’s done with CanopyBoulder. CanopyBoulder has invested in many of the companies we’ve had on the show, so it was fun to chat with someone who was inherently involved in the early years of their successes.

We had a detailed conversation about investing in cannabis, what types of companies Poseidon invests in and what opportunities their firm is looking for in the future. Patrick provides his thoughts on federal legalization and what impact that may or may not have on both investors and entrepreneurs in the space.

Patrick finishes the show offering some good advice to young entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry.

Patrick Rea

Prior to Poseidon, Patrick founded CanopyBoulder and was CEO for over 6 years. Leading the cannabis industry’s top business accelerator, Patrick raised and managed five funds and led investments in 115 Cannabis Investments Poseidoncompanies. Before joining the cannabis industry in 2013, Patrick spent 15 years in the natural products industry. His first role was as the first hire at a boutique investment bank and venture capital firm. Moving onto a portfolio company, Patrick led the eventual sale to a B2B media company, where he eventually became a Market Leader where he managed 14 P&Ls and a staff of 40.

Patrick was a Division I soccer player at Brown University and graduated with a double major in Geology and Organizational Behavior and Management.