Cannabis Consumer Institute

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Tune in to Episode 54 with Cannabis Consumer Institute Founders Jennifer Ioppolo and Toni Ioppolo to learn more about why they chose the cannabis industry for their next business venture as well as offering insight into the cannabis market on the East Coast. The CCI is hosting the Cannabis Consumer Symposium on Wednesday June 5, 2019 in Boulder, CO offering discussions on Cannabis Chemistry and Pharmacology, The Future of Cosmetics, Terpenes, and Cannabis, Medical Cannabis: Weed or Wonder Drug, and more. Learn more and register for the Symposium.

Share your cannabis/hemp story for 10% off this event! More details at CCI.

Toni Ioppolo

Cannabis Consumer Institute

Toni is Co-Founder and CEO of the Cannabis Consumer Institute. As a successful serial entrepreneur, CCI is Toni’s fourth company, having sold her last to Deloitte, a leading professional services firm serving more than 85 percent of the Fortune 500. She brings almost 30 years of experience and expertise with product launches, sales, marketing, compliance, regulatory, and clinical research and development in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries into the cannabis sector.

Jennifer Ioppolo

Cannabis Consumer Institute

Jennifer is Co-Founder and COO of the Cannabis Consumer Institute. She brings over 15 years of experience from the natural products industry into cannabis, including personal care manufacturing, homeopathic medicine, and aromatherapy. A natural educator, Jennifer has been a guest instructor at CU Denver’s Integrative Medicine Dept and CU Health Sciences, and has been involved in corporate leadership education for the Fortune 100.