Psilocybin™ Love Medicine – Scarlet Ravin

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Our latest episode features return guest from E.51, Scarlet Ravin Founder of White Fox Medicine and Psilocyin™ love medicine as we discuss transcending your higher self through plant medicine. As a Star Seed Alchemist Spirit, Scarlet expresses her deeper connection to the universe noting that when you tap into your own higher energy field you too can take your life to the next level.

In her latest book Psilocybin Transmissions Scarlet provides insight into the beautiful dance between insight and wisdom utilizing mushroom plant medicine as a tool. Through Psilocybin™ love medicine Scarlet has also created micro-dosed Love Drops and Euphoria chocolate to help guide your path of healing.

We discuss the higher calling that led Scarlet down this path in life and the ups and downs she’s faced as she’s moved through her journey of offering the healing message of plant medicine to the masses.

If you are interested in connecting further Scarlet has created Naked Starseed Mystery School on Patreon to help you release patterns and behaviors guiding you back to your own vibrational state of remembrance. If you are ready to take back your power this episode is for you!

Scarlet Ravin

Scarlet Ravin Psilocybin Love MedicineStar Seed Alchemist Spirit with an eye for the unseen I spend my time with my animals, nature and the fully active spirit world that seems to expand my horizons.The time on this planet happens to be one of many great opportunities if one is willing to step up to the Soul Plate. Our unlimited potential can be realized, not by setting hard goals, but by sinking deep into the universal river of authenticity that carries you deeper into your full expansion.

I offer myself to you as a Guide, Hollow Bone for Spirit, Alchemist and Tantrika who is lovingly dedicating to constant expansion in these topics and sharing those gifts with you all.