Cannabis Wedding Expo – Philip Wolf

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Tune in to E.134 featuring Philip Wolf, Co-Founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo as we discuss upcoming expos in Las Vegas (August 29th), Denver (October 10th), and Boston (November 7th). Philip has been working in the cannabis industry advocating for the plant for over 11 + years and provides a wealth of knowledge about conscious cannabis consumption. We discuss the pitfalls of alcohol consumption and how many people are becoming more in-line with their authentic selves looking towards including cannabis into their big day. We chat about ways the Cannabis Wedding Expo is looking to break down stigmas about the plant by providing sophisticated ways in which to incorporate cannabis into a wedding day without totally shocking grandma.

If you are a bride-to-be or just interested in the creative ways you can include cannabis into an event check out the Cannabis Wedding Expo. Stay tuned for a ticket giveaway by Lit & Lucid for the Denver show!

Philip Wolf

Cannabis Wedding Expo Philip WolfA steward to the essence of the cannabis plant. My knowledge comes from starting cultivation operations to serving over 2500 people cannabis through pairing dinners and tastings (smoking, not infusions). I have over 11 years of legal cannabis industry experience and 8 years of philanthropy work experience. I co-founded a medical clinic in Haiti. Founded Cultivating Spirits which is the first company in the United States to offer legal Cannabis Dinners to the public. Co-founder of the Cannabis Wedding Expo (LA, SF, Den, Vegas, Bos, and Toronto). Co-founder of a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Hispanola Health Partners. I’m also a certified 200 hour RYT yoga teacher.