The Soil King

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Tune in to Episode 52 to learn from The Soil King, Patrick King about the sheer importance of having quality soil and how he built a successful business around his soil products. Patrick also touches on legalization in California and the issues regarding laboratory cannabis testing that they are facing in the legal market. Patrick is a Youtube sensation with a strong following across the U.S. Check out his Youtube Channel full of valuable episodes including The Soil King Showcase, Day in the Life, and Industry Insiders.

If you are interested in understanding the importance of Whats In My Weed tune in to this episode!

Patrick King

The Soil King I always have had a vegetable garden growing up. When other kids played with there toy I would plant and water. As I have gotten older gardening has become my passion. It has been a place to lay my mind in peace while forgetting about the worldly things that cloud my true being on a day to day basis. A place to relax my soul.

In 2005 I started mixing and selling my own bulk soils, providing what customers hadn’t been able to find, locally, and it has taken off from that point. Today, The Soil King Garden Center is here to support our community with their gardening needs.

We have a full gardening center, with everything from bulk soil and bagged soil products, bulk worm castings, amendments, nutrients and additives, pots, stakes, greenhouses, trimming machines and sifting machines, rosin presses, and more! Greenhouses, from small pop up to large agriculture type, water tanks, and rainwater collection tanks and much much more!!