Sun Grown Cannabis – Chiah Rodrigues

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mendocino generations
Check out Episode 18 of Lit & Lucid Podcast with second generation cultivator, Chiah Rodrigues, founder of Mendocino Generations and Operations Manager for Arcanna Flowers. MG is an alliance of over 60 farms in Mendocino County, California focusing on providing sun-grown, small-batch, sustainable cannabis crops. Learn more about the plight of the American cannabis farmers as well as educate yourself on various regulations affecting this industry.

Chiah Rodrigues

Chiah, a Mendocino Generations farmer, was born and raised in Mendocino County, California. Cannabis has always been a part of her life. She is a mother of two wild boys, a gardener, a certified herbalist, an Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified health coach, a small business owner, jeweler and an artist. Chiah has Lyme disease and started the local Mendocino County Lyme Support Group for others with Lyme Disease. She has grown cannabis and has been making and using cannabis medicines for her own conditions and to help others for many years. As a business owner she has experience with many aspects of running a retail store and small business, managing employees, and organizing events. Some call her a jack of all trades, who has energy for many projects and wears many hats in the local community. Chiah and her family run River Txai Farms in Redwood Valley, CA.