Hemp Inc & Kins Communities – Bruce Perlowin

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Tune in to Episode 95 as we learn from Bruce Perlowin, famous marijuana smuggler turned entrepreneur. Bruce has shifted his focus towards hemp in the last decade as he recognized that hemp would become the future of the cannabis industry. He started Hemp Inc, (OTC: HEMP) in 2008 which focuses on providing green solutions that help make the world a better place to live by focusing on hemp products that are eco friendly, healthy, and can often replace petroleum-based products. Today Bruce is moving the Hemp Revolution forward through Kins Communities which provides Veterans and other disadvantaged communities with the skills needed to cultivate hemp and live sustainability off of the land.

Check out Episode 95 to learn more from Bruce about the good work the Hemp Inc. and the Kins Communities are doing which may just inspire you to join their mission!

Bruce Perlowin

Bruce Perlowin After serving 9 years in federal prison, Bruce went on to be featured in the record-breaking CNBC documentary “Marijuana, Inc.” for his reputation as a famous marijuana smuggler. The name of the documentary inspired him to create the first-ever publicly traded cannabis company, Medical Marijuana, Inc., in 2009. As a visionary and a financial expert, Bruce realized the future of the cannabis industry would be hemp, so he became the CEO of Hemp, Inc. in 2012, which is now a global leader in the industrial hemp industry with bi-coastal processing centers, including one in Spring Hope, North Carolina and a second in White City, Oregon.

In addition, he has led the charge to build a 500-acre hemp growing Veteran Village Kins Community in Golden Valley, Arizona; two models “Small Family Hemp Farms” in North Carolina and Arizona; a hemp pre-roll blending manufacturing facility in Las Vegas, NV; and a 5,000 square-foot retail store (The King of Hemp Store™) in Kingman, Arizona.Bruce Perlowin has always been an entrepreneur. His passion for business started at the young age of 7 when he began shining shoes door-to-door in Miami, Florida. This was the first of the many entrepreneurial endeavors Bruce would take part in throughout his life.