Sound Baths with Dynasty Electrik

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Jenny and Seth have been creating music and performing together since 2001 offering their space to other visionaries, musicians and artists. After a decade of being part of the underground music scene in Brooklyn Seth and Jenny were ready for a change of pace. Seth began creating his own ambient music to help him relax. During the same time period Seth and Jenny began training with Master Energy Practitioner, Lisa Ishwari Murphy learning all about vibrational healing powers of sound. Emerged Dynasty Electrik where Jenny and Seth offered sound baths in LA to celebrities, yogis, artists and those just looking to unwind.

Understanding the healing powers of sound is imperative in understanding the science behind sound baths. We discuss how sound can benefits one’s mind body and spirit and how the different vibrations affect your energy channels and help bring you into alignment. Jenny expresses the importance that sound baths are accessible for all people no matter their background in meditation or yoga and can be used by anyone looking to destress.

We explore the topic of utilizing cannabis in a sound bath and the benefits that the plant medicine may provide one during the sound emersion experience. Seth also tell us about their consumption of Bhang, and the benefits this traditional mode of consumption has brought them.

Lucky for all of us they moved their offerings online with a weekly Friday night sound bath streaming on YouTube for all to enjoy.

Give the episode a listen and enjoy the high vibrations from Dynasty Electrik’s sound bath!

Jenny Deveau & Seth Misterka

Dynasty Electrik Sound BathsDynasty Electrik is Jenny Deveau and Seth Misterka. Jenny & Seth were initiated into the practice of Svaha Yoga, a Shamanic energy technique, by Master Energy Practitioner, Lisa Ishwari Murphy. They believe the vibrational power of sound has the ability to transport the listener to a state of deep meditation and relaxation where the chakras are balanced and the energetic body is harmonized. Dynasty Electrik (also known as Dynasty Electric) has earned critical praise, toured globally, and their music has been featured in television and film. In addition to sound healing, they incorporate DJ elements and live instruments to create a unique fusion of electronic music and psychedelic experience.