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Tune in to E.115 featuring Sweetleaf Joe, Founder of Sweetleaf Collective cannabis non-profit that’s been around since 1996 in San Francisco. Joe’s organization has been working tirelessly for low income, veterans, seniors and terminally-ill patients in California for over 20 years providing them with compassionate cannabis free of charge. Learn more about the history of compassionate cannabis in California starting with Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary, and Joe’s journey in continuing the movement forward.

Joe tells stories about many of the hurdles their organization has faced in providing free cannabis to medical patients over the years. We discuss Sweetleaf Collective’s critical role in correcting a major oversight in Proposition 64 passing SB 34 to allow their organization to prosper as a non-commercial cannabis company. In order for Sweetleaf Collective to provide plant medicine to their patients they have teamed up with Green Unicorn Farms, ALTRSM CBD flower to support their mission. You can purchase your own CBD flower here with 100% of the proceeds generating funding for Sweetleaf’s patients.

We wrap up the show with a very touching story about a terminally ill cannabis patient who saw much success from this program. This story and countless others showcases why the work of Sweetleaf Collective is so imperative to the medical community encompassing the true essence of the undeniable benefits of the cannabis plant.

Sweetleaf Joe

Compassionate Cannabis Sweetleaf Collective

Sweetleaf Joe is the founder and director of the Sweetleaf Collective. Sweetleaf is a compassion organization that organizes low income terminally ill patients and helps them access free compassionate cannabis. Since it opened, Sweetleaf patients have received over $3 million worth of compassion.