Cannabis to Achieve Greatness – Laganja Estranja

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Lit & Lucid sit down to discuss Election Night 2020 including how we coped with the night, and the BIG wins for cannabis. We get lucid discussing a new patent by the U.S. government for flying saucers, and stay lit discussing the turbulence to come this month within the galaxy and planetary alignments.

Tune in to E.102 featuring special guest, Laganja Estranga, world-renowned female illusionist, choreographer, music artist, cannabis advocate and LGBTQ+ icon. You may recognize Laganja from Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race or Season 15 of So You Think You Can Dance.

We discuss how Laganja has utilized cannabis in her life to spark creativity in all that she does in life from dance and choreography, to dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as motivation to continue to be a strong voice for the LGBTQ+ community. You can check out Laganja’s music video, “Look at Me” ft. J Tyler as they depict the harsh realities of the war on drugs and the racial bias that still continues today. We discuss the importance of Laganja using her platform to bring awareness to this issue and how each of us can do our part to take a stance on those incarcerated for cannabis crimes. We finish up the episode discussing what’s to come for Laganja including the release of her new single “Daddy” on November 30th.

Get inspired to achieve greatness with cannabis by Laganja on this week’s episode!

Laganja Estranga

Achieving Greatness Through Cannabis Laganja EstrangaA U.S. Presidential Scholar in The Arts, Jackson earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance and choreography from the California Institute of the Arts and launched to stardom after being selected to compete on LogoTV’s Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Today, Jackson’s television and film credits include Heidi Klum’s Queen of Drags (2019), So You Think You Can Dance (2018 & 2019), Latin American Music Awards (2019), Germany’s Next Top Model (2018), Bong Appetite (2017 & 2019), America’s Got Talent (2016), RuPaul’s Green Screen Christmas (2015), Skin Wars (2015), MTV’s Video Music Awards (Miley Cyrus/2015), RuPaul’s Drag Race (2014) and the American Music Awards (Christina Aguilera/2012).

Jackson was featured on the cover of New York Magazine’s June 2019 issue The Most Powerful Drag Queens in America. Laganja has also been featured in High Times Magazine as well as Dope Magazine, making her the first LGBTQ+ entertainer to appear on the cover of a cannabis magazine.The 2017 Dope Magazine feature story, “Balancing Gay Rights, Cannabis, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” covered Jackson’s road to fame and cannabis’ integral role in mitigating pain from the rigors of dance and performance. In 2020, Laganja was featured as the cover star for Hotpot Magazine.

Jackson regularly performs at festivals and events across the world. Jackson has performed in 14 countries spanning 5 continents and has walked the runways of the Melange Brazil Fashion Show in Rio de Janeiro and Marco Marco in Los Angeles and New York.

Jackson’s choreography credits include a range of commercial artists and companies including the NYC Cosmetics FACE Awards, rapper Brooke Candy, and superstar Miley Cyrus. In 2016, Jackson founded Laganja’s Dance School, an international high-heels masterclass and confidence workshop held in dozens of cities across Europe, Central America, South America, and the United States. Jackson is known for the iconic dance move, “the deathdrop.”

Jackson’s first music single “Legs” debuted in 2015, rocketing Laganja into music stardom. One of her most firey tracks, “Hot Box” debuted at Miley Cyrus’ Official VMA After Party at Beecher’s Madhouse. In addition to critical acclaim from Pitchfork Magazine earning “Legs” by Laganja Estranja a top spot among The Best Music of RuPaul’s Drag Divas, Urban Land Media referred to Jackson as a hip-hop pioneer, stating “[Laganja is the] first of the queens from the franchise to tap into the hip-hop market; a hip-hop track that is done right. The rap is phenomenal, the beat is heavy, and it’s all the right elements for success.”

Jackson’s music credits include RuPaul – Jealous of My Boogie (2014 feat. Laganja Estranja), Laganja Estranja – Got Beat (2014 feat. Kraax, Cool B, & Lissa Wick), Krysta Youngs – Gold Grill BBQ (2014 feat. Laganja Estranja and Melanie Fontana), Laganja Estranja – Hot Box (2015), Laganja Estranja – Legs (2015 feat. Rye Rye), Alaska Thunderfuck – Gimme All Your Money (2015), Laganja Estranja – Tease 4U (2016), Haus of Edwards – Green XXXmas (2016), Laganja Estranja – Look At Me (2018 feat. J. Tyler), and Laganja Estranja – Smoke Break (2018).

Jackson’s music videos and social media content including YouTube and the drag-centric platform World of Wonder have garnered hundreds of millions of views online.