Civilized – Lifestyle Brand Relaunch

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Tune in to Episode 133 ft. Terri MacDonald Reidle, CEO of Civilized, lifestyle brand dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the cannabis and canna-curious community. Civilized recently relaunched in the midst of COVID; the relaunch was focused on compiling all of Civilized’s content in an easy-to-use database for consumers offering one trustworthy source of cannbis information online.

We also discuss the bright future of Civilized including a partnership with Tumblr, pairing up to launch their first cannabis centric blog. It’s their hopes that expanding the cannabis conversation on Tumblr will help combat many censorship issues companies face on other social media platforms. Terri provides insight into the lessons she’s learned as a female entrepreneur in the cannabis industry offering a wealth of knowledge for young entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for a trusted source of information look no further than Civilized.

Terri MacDonald Riedle

Terri Riedle is a groundbreaking pioneer and serial entrepreneur who co-created the first visionary cannabis lifestyle brand that is Civilized.

As CEO and Co-founder of Civilized, Terri oversees the company’s strategic vision, planning, partnerships, executive and financial management, and developing the executive team.

Civilized Relaunch Terri MacDonald RiedleWith over 20 years of executive experience, Terri is an award-winning visionary who developed and led several businesses within industries as diverse as communications, digital media, commercial real estate, television production and cannabis lifestyle.

She is an empowered female leader who, as CEO of Civilized, is dedicated to the overall health and wellness of the cannabis and canna-curious community. Terri and her newly formed executive team at Civilized have reimagined the company as the first premium lifestyle brand that embraces and highlights modern cannabis, CBD and hemp culture.

Terri’s education includes an MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management, and invaluable experience earned at global organizations like ITT Sheraton, the Red Cross and Deloitte. She is also a graduate of the Wallace McCain Institute Entrepreneurial Leaders Program.

Terri is a mother of two boys, and a dedicated volunteer devoted to areas such as health care, economic development, youth mentorship, international disaster relief and gender parity in government.