#WhatsInMyWeed – Cannabis Certification Council

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Tune in to Episode 32 with Board Chair, Ben Gelt of the Cannabis Certification Council. Ben discusses the importance of the social movement #whatsinmyweed as well as the importance of sustainable cannabis and business practices for the future of the industry. The council has become a leading advocate for clean, ethical and sustainable business practices in the cannabis industry.

Ben Gelt

Bcannabis certification councilen is an entrepreneur and consultant, focused on public affairs and business development. A respected political strategist and policy expert, Ben co-founded the Organic Cannabis Association in 2015. Ben has been at the forefront of cannabis policy in Colorado since 2011, when he worked with the University of Colorado Toxicology Lab to advocate for higher standards of testing in the cannabis industry.

He currently serves on the City of Denver Industry Stakeholder Group, The State of Colorado Pesticide Stakeholder Committee and is a principal with Par, LLC. In addition to his efforts in cannabis, Ben works in real estate, public affairs and general business development. Ben lives in Denver, CO.