California Cannabis – The Soil King

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We sat down with Episode 52 return guest, Patrick King, Founder of The Soil King to provide us with insight into the California cannabis market. Despite all the hurdles from 2019 including increased taxes facing consumers Patrick has a positive point of view about the future of recreational cannabis in California. Patrick discusses Big Rootz Soil and emphasizes the importance of clean cannabis and understanding the inputs that are utilized to cultivate cannabis. Patrick also touched on some interesting details regarding the vaping crisis and Vitamin E acetate.

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Patrick King

California Cannabis Patrick KingPatrick has been enamored with cannabis as medicine since early on in his life. The art of cultivating a flower that was clean and pure for the patient became his passion. Since cannabis had not legally been recognized at the time as medicine, Patrick stayed focused on legal businesses, building subdivisions through his development company, King Family Homes. Almost as if it was fate… others noted his gift for producing healthy, sun-grown plants in a super-soil of his own creation… and they all wanted his assistance. Like any great entrepreneur, Patrick saw the need and the Soil King was born.

Over the next ten years, Patrick monetized his gift through his companies but never lost sight of his reason for sharing the secrets to cultivating beautiful medicinal cannabis and never lost sight of his love for the community of Cloverdale. Even as indoor, manipulated agriculture gained in popularity, Patrick was firm in advocating sun-grown, small farmed cannabis and that whole plant development have become our mission today at Seed2Soul.

Patrick is usually ahead of the market curve when it comes to the knowledge and benefits of different cannabis derivatives. This, combined with a very successful media platform, TV shows, social media and his own production company… have made him a widely known and trusted public figure in cannabis. Locally we enjoy the full support of Cloverdale and Sonoma County-based largely upon the gravitas of Patrick as a public figure with integrity and pure intentionality. Although obviously, with Patrick at the helm, we open many doors in the supply chain… the voice of our founder reigns in all of our decisions. “We are changing the world, one plant at a time.”