American Israel Cannabis Association

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Cannabis research originated in Israel in 1964 by Scientist Raphael Mechoulam who was the first to isolate THC the main active principle of cannabis. Today the American Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) was created in 2015 to foster collaboration between the United States and Israel in terms of education, networking, and assistance with doing business between the two countries. Tune in to Episode 43 with Sara Gluck, COO of AICA to learn more about their efforts of creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the US and Israel cannabis communities.

Sara Gluck

American Israel Cannabis Association

Sara is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur that fell into the cannabis space. As the Chief Operating Officer of the America Israel Cannabis Association (AICA) Sara is responsible for the day to day operations of building a tiered membership organization. Sara has experience in consulting, marketing, and operations roles for both her own and other companies. She received her MBA from University of Virginia – Darden and her B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas – Austin. She currently resides in Denver with her dog, Lily.