Cannabis Branding – Asa Goldstein

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Check out our first episode with Asa Goldstein recent college graduate of Elon University who majored in strategic communications with a minor in Entrepreneurship. For his final thesis Asa researched the importance of cannabis branding in the industry speaking with many top players across the U.S. on the topic. Tune in to learn about his findings from the research and his plans for moving forward in the cannabis industry in the future!

Asa Goldstein

Asa Goldstein cannabis brandingI graduated Cum Laude from Elon University in North Carolina in May 2019 with a major in strategic communications and a minor in entrepreneurship. My goal is to brand and create quality content for all forms of cannabis companies.

I am easily inspired, and I work hard to achieve my goals, whether the project surrounds creative writing, music, filmmaking, editing, app design, animation, public relations, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

I am deeply motivated to contribute to the betterment of the world through multimedia communication and original art. For these reasons and many others, I have set my sights on a career in branding, advertising, and most importantly education in the cannabis industry. Responsible use of cannabis changed my life in countless beneficial ways, and I’m more than eager to get on the wave of healing, innovation, and freedom that is the blossoming industry.

I believe that my time is best spent learning, creating art, transforming minds, and forming a better world through compassion, understanding, environmentalism, and promoting progressive policy.

When I am not studying or working on a personal/club project, you can find me making music with my awesomely creative friends. I believe that love without condition fosters unity, diversity is essential, and that positivity and openness are contagious.

Check out his latest song “Strawberry Blue” and other music releases here.