Danksgiving with Lit & Lucid™!

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Tune in to the Danksgiving Day Special featuring Lit & Lucid™ as we sit down on Thanksgiving to reflect on all that we are grateful for. Lucid shares his gratitude for Episode 100 ft. Jim Belushi and the importance and impact of the story he shared with us. We talk about how everyone is struggling inside and if you consciously turn to cannabis plant medicine it can be a holistic alternative to help us all. Lit shares gratitude for Episode 92 ft. Edward Weidenfeld, and his courage to turn to plant medicine to help with Parkinson’s Disease.

Stay tuned for future episodes as we continue to break down barriers, discussing thought provoking topics such as TechnoFascism and more about the benefits of the cannabis plant.

To date we have over 100 reasons as to why we are grateful for all of our listeners, guests and advocates of the plant, because of you this show is possible!

Much love and stay lit today,

Lit & Lucid