Sesh ft. The Mary Jane Experience Podcast

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Tune in to the latest Lit & Lucid “Sesh” as we sit down with the Mary Jane Experience Podcast featuring Strawberry Sequoia and Casey Jones. This is the first time we get to chat with other cannabis podcasters in the business. We talk all things cannabis from our backgrounds and what inspired the show having tons of laughs and synergies emerge along the way.

We finish out the episode discussing the #BovedaChallenge Giveaway via Lit & Lucid Podcast as well as the exciting plans for Mary Jane Experience as they plan to take the show on the road in the next 50 days. Both podcast teams offer their insight into what the cannaabis industry looks like in the next 5, 10, and 20 years.

Strawberry Sequoia

Lit & Lucid Sesh

Strawberry Sequoia first tried cannabis in the woods behind her high school while skipping 3rd period. Her mother introduced her to edibles a few months later. An avid microdoser Strawberry uses weed for her yoga practice, for creativity, sometimes for depression, and generally just for a good time.

Casey Jones

Lit & Lucid Sesh

The male perspective of the podcast and the blog, Casey Jones is a pretty hardcore athlete and uses weed as a way to recover. He also has ADHD and finds cannabis to calm his mind in ways that not much else can. Casey enjoys fine whiskeys and mountain biking and can generally be found outside in the woods.