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Tune in to Episode 44 with Sensi Magazine Associate Publishers in Colorado Amanda Patrizi and Richard Guerra to hear more about Sensi’s mission to cultivate the new normal in terms of cannabis as well as learn more about the cannabis community Sensi has fostered. Sensi Magazine is now available in 8 markets across the U.S.

Richard Guerra

Sensi Magazine Cannabis Community Richard William Guerra is an Associate Publisher with Sensi Magazine working to normalize cannabis & hemp, while building community around the local publications and events. His background and passions lie in live music & arts event production, digital marketing strategy, and all things centered around radical compassion and inclusion.

Amanda Patrizi

sensi magazine cannabis community

With experience in developing and delivering top notch strategies and communication tools, remaining fresh and innovative is my expertise. Visualize your company at its best and watch as we make it happen together. I’m a marketer, a published writer of 400+ articles, and have 11 years of leadership experience. When my eyes aren’t glued to a screen, you’ll find me outdoors, traveling, at local events, or on another culinary adventure.