Michigan Cannabis and Social Equity – Exclusive Brands

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Tune in to Episode 107 featuring Narmin Jarrous, Chief Development Office of Exclusive Brands. We discuss how she found cannabis to help alleviate many years of pain and suffering from Endrometriosis with little relief from Western Medicine. Narmin takes us through her journey of discovering plant medicine and the tough conversations she’s still having today with friends and family about her decision to consume and work in the cannabis industry.

With Michigan being a newly legalized state, Narmin has been able to work her way up the ranks of a new industry focusing on Exclusive Brand’s social equity program and finding her niche in writing applications. Narmin recently was promoted to Chief Development Officer where she’ll continue her good work in the industry breaking stigmas and misconceptions about cannabis consumers and help those disadvantaged in the industry become successful.

Narmin Jarrous

Legal Cannabis Michigan Social Equity Narmin Jarrous

After being diagnosed with Endometriosis at 15 years old, Narmin endured a vicious cycle of being prescribed a mash-up of opioids to try and suppress the symptoms. After struggling to find a better solution for years, she ultimately found complete relief with the natural remedies of cannabis. Her experience motivated her to leave her career in medical sales and join the team at Exclusive Brands, a company that aligned with her values to make clean and safe cannabis products accessible to all who need it while promoting social equity in the industry. Her hopes of telling her story are to destigmatize the shame surrounding the consumption of cannabis for pain management and to rewrite the stoner culture narrative by speaking out as a hard working, successful woman of color in an executive role in the cannabis industry. Plus…..she’s only 24!