Goldleaf – Cannabis Consumption Journal

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Episode 31 of the Lit & Lucid Podcast chats with Founder of Goldleaf, Charles McElroy. Charles recognized that the cannabis community was in need of a tracking system for cannabis consumption so he created the Patient Journal for easy journaling. Tune in to learn more about Goldleaf and their sophisticated design and science forward content to help track one’s cannabis consumption. They’ve also created the Grow Planner for home growers to track their progress.

Consider Goldleaf for the cannabis consumer in your life!

Goldleaf creates science-forward and thoughtful products for cannabis enthusiasts. Passionate about clean, intuitive design, Goldleaf is making complex information more approachable. Whether producer or end user, Goldleaf provides aesthetically pleasing scientific designs, from portable jotter style notebooks to full scale guidebooks and educational prints.

gold leafgold leaf

The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis User Companion, The Grow Planner: A Weekly Journal For Cannabis Growers, The Grow Jotter: A Cannabis Grower’s Pocket Journal, Prints: Cannabinoid Diagram Art, Cannabis Botanical Illustration, Cannabis Effects Wheel Infographic, Blank Feeding Schedule Wall, Carl Sagan Quote, Richard Neville Quote, The Lab Pen.