CBD for Fitness – Kush Pump, Lamar Byrd Jr.

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This week’s episode with Lamar Byrd Jr. owner of Kush Pump and Kush Nutra, full spectrum CBD tincture. We discuss CBD for fitness and how you can incorporate cannabis into your active lifestyle.

Check out Episode 9 to learn more about the benefits of utilizing CBD for fitness, proper dosing, and more!

CBD fitness Lamar has been competitively weightlifting for over nine years winning six shows in his career. He is a National Level Bodybuilder placing 6th at National’s in 2017.

Lamar began utilizing cannabis into his fitness and workout routine after realizing the benefits of cannabis for his body and injuries he’s experienced over the years.

CBD for Fitness

Cannabidoil (CBD) is one of over a hundred compounds found within the cannabis plant.

CBD is most commonly used for its strong medicinal benefits and absence of the intoxicating effects one might experience with its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) counterparts.

Many athletes and those pursuing a healthy lifestyle are beginning to utilize CBD into their health and wellness routines due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety properties, pain management, nausea relief, and its ability to combat many other ailments.

CBD also helps regulate the Endocannabinoid System aiding the body in performing at optimal levels needed for fitness.

Kush Pump

Lamar has utilized CBD and THC in conjunction to create a greater mind-body-muscle connection while lifting weights, to assist with inflammation in overworked muscles, and to curve stress and anxiety while preparing for a bodybuilding show.

CBD fitness

While in prep in 2017 Lamar quickly realized that the amount of milligrams he needed to sustain his body’s needs was around 100-120 MG per day making CBD a very expensive option long term.

As a result Kush Nutra was created to provide high quality, full-spectrum CBD oil at a lower price.

Today many customers are utilizing this product for its medicinal benefits to assist in getting their body at optimal levels.

It is important for customers to listen to their own body when choosing the proper CBD dosage. Each body is affected differently from the compound and it is recommended that individuals start low with their dosing increasing dosage after two weeks if they feel they have hit a plateau in terms of effectiveness.

Have you utilized CBD into your health and wellness routine? What have been your results?