Cannabis Journalism – Chloe Steerman, Grasslands Agency

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Episode 8 of Lit & Lucid Podcast with Chloe Steerman offers insight into the world of public relations and how Grasslands Agency’s services are useful for companies in the cannabis industry. Chloe also discusses ways to enter into the industry offering advice for millennials looking to pursue their dreams through cannabis journalism.

Chloe grasslands

Chloe Steerman began her career as a PR and Social Media Coordinator with Philadelphia-based agency Brownstein Group. In 2016, Chloe relocated to Colorado to join The Rosen Group as an Account Executive, where she focused primarily on cannabis industry clients. Ms. Steerman has assisted clients both large and small in a variety of industries including cannabis, technology, food and beverage and manufacturing.

Chloe’s creative energy and passion for PR have contributed to her success in developing and executing publicity programs that have reached the top tiers of American media. She has secured top-level media placements in national and international publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, FOX, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Entrepreneur.

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