Healing Power of Hemp

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Tune in to Episode 64 to learn from Brenda McChesney Mino about her company Healing Power of Hemp product line that is being offered online and at Flourish Aveda Wellness the nation’s first fully integrated Aveda and CBD Spa, Salon, and Wellness Studio in Centennial, CO. Brenda’s past health issues led her to hemp-based CBD products which sparked her interested in creating a reputable and affordable product line. Today her business has flourished into operating a wellness salon and spa, publishing a 90-day hemp wellness guide, a hemp-based cookbook and more.

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Brenda McChesney Mino

Healing Power of Hemp Brenda McChesney Mino is the CEO and Founder of Flourish Hemp Health, Healing Power of Hemp, Flourish Hemp Health Studio, and Co-Owner of Flourish AVEDA Wellness the Nation’s first fully integrated AVEDA and CBD Spa, Salon and Wellness studio located in Centennial, Colorado. In Spring of 2018, Brenda left her 20-year career as a national leader in the field of family strengthening and support to start a hemp health revolution after a devastating accident left her permanently impaired and failing to thrive as a woman, mother, wife, and professional. After hemp CBD brought her back to flourishing from failing to thrive, she went on to develop her own line of high milligram hemp CBD products called the Healing Power of Hemp, has developed her own line of Flourish Hemp-Infused Yoga, CBD & Me Parties, and is working on two books: Flourish: 90-Day Guide to Hemp Health and Wellness and Flourish Hemp Health & Wellness Cookbook. Additionally, Brenda is currently working on her 500-hour She Yoga and Meditaiton Teacher and Way of the Happy Woman Certification Training. She believes the Healing Power of Hemp can ignite a global revolution in health and wellness.