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Tune in to Episode 62 to hear from Founder of LA Cannabis News, Brian Weiss. Brian has a long standing background in the entertainment industry in California and decided to offer his skill set to cannabis. LA Cannabis News is the first localized cannabis news database, so if you are in Cali this is the news outlet to be following! Brian also touches on some great points about being an entrepreneur and how to stay afloat in this ever changing industry.

Season 6 is sponsored by Lit Dispensary and Steve’s Goods.

Brian Weiss

LA Cannabis News Brian Weiss

Brian Weiss is the Founder of L.A. Cannabis News. Brian has always been an advocate for cannabis and has had a strong connection in the cannabis industry for over 20 years. Brian grew up in an entertainment family and has been focused on marketing & business development within the cannabis, entertainment and digital media sectors. He began his career in entertainment with his first job at KROQ in the late 1990’s and then advanced to working with many of the biggest entertainment and tech companies in the world.