Cannabis Journalism

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Tune in to Episode 56 with industry publishing veteran, and college professor at the University of Denver, Andrew Matranga. Learn more about the importance of accurate and unbiased reporting in the cannabis industry from someone who’s been in the cannabis industry since legalization in Denver, CO. Andrew created the first journalism course focused on cannabis and how to report on the topic in America as the “New Normal.” Andrew is a Marketing Technologist with Sticker Giant and also hosts Stickers on the Mic: A Podcast about business, growth and marketing.

Andrew Matranga

Andrew Matranga Cannabis Journalism

Hey, I’m Andrew. I’m an internet publishing veteran, college professor and the creator of the first journalism course in the country that focuses on cannabis and how to report on America’s “New Normal.”

My teaching focuses on digital journalism and editorial design. I’ve been a featured speaker about cannabis normalization, social media and popular culture. Some of past work includes projectsthat have won Cannes Lions, National Magazine Awards and Webby Awards.