CBD Jelly Beans – David Klein

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In 1976 David Klein created the iconic Jelly Belly product, in 1980 David sold the rights to his company losing potentially millions of dollars in revenue as Jelly Belly is currently worth over $193 million. Over the next 20 years Klein was under a trademark deal restricting him from pursuing anything related to jelly beans.

Today, David Klein, free from court orders has come back to his roots pursuing jelly beans in a different fashion.

Spectrum Confections is offering a new product line of sour, sugar-free, and regular 10mg CBD jelly beans. These beans are now being sold to wholesalers looking to add CBD infused beans to their distribution.

Tune in to Episode 53 to hear from David Klein about his struggles over the last forty years and how through persistence and patience he has come up on top. This is truly an inspiring story of an under-dog who’s now making his name in CBD.

David Klein

David Klein CBD Jelly Beans

David Klein, known as the Candyman has been in the candy business for 45 years. His best known confection is Jelly Belly jelly bean which he invented in 1976. He marketed it and it became a wordwide sensation in only a couple years. The photo of David in his bathtub of beans has become iconic. Check out the documentary “Candyman The David Klein Story.