White Fox Medicinals – Scarlet Ravin

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Tune in to Episode 51 featuring Scarlet Ravin, Founder of White Fox Medicinals. Learn more about these ayurvedic inspired products that were created with the heart space in mind utilizing the powers of animal plant spirits to guide the branding and messaging. Scarlet touches on utilizing plant medicine for healing the mind and body and how to micro-dose to reach optimal levels. If you are looking for a quality CBD product White Fox is for you!

White Fox™ began as a Cannabis company in 2017 inspired by the alchemy of herbs with cannabis to create a desired and focus effect for the human body, mind and spirit. The cannabinoids in Cannabis directly relate to the endocannbinoid system of the human body, therefor opening doors to new waves of health and healing.

With a desired healing intention in mind, White Fox™ utilizes locally sourced and hand crafted herbs along with CBD to gift you with formulations that enhance your everyday well-being and assist in intentional healing journeys. Our animal symbolism comes from the knowing that everything in nature is here to assist us in coming back to wholeness, health and wellness. Symbolism has long allowed humans to feel whole and complete in themselves, our animals do just that. They inspire the true nature from your inner being to realize its own greatness and feel supported on that journey.

Scarlet Ravin

White Fox Medicinals Founded by bestselling author Scarlet Ravin, White Fox™ reaches into the heart of alchemy to bring you unique formulations for specific and targeted effects while projecting the animal spirit power of their unique labeling. With the focus on preventative medicine and overall health and vitality, every formula has been specifically created to allow for daily use, creating an abundance of cannabinoids to build in the system for preventative medicine. White Fox is a woman-owned, artisanal cannabis brand that has been committed to mind expansion since 2007.