Lightshade Dispensary – CSR

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Tune in to Episode 48 with Joanne Madrid, Manager of Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility at Lightshade Dispensary in Denver, Colorado to learn more about the importance of a CSR program and how Lightshade is standing out amongst the crowd with their CSR efforts. Lightshade is committed to offering support to the local communities in which they work in through community investments, volunteer days, fundraising efforts, and more.

Joanne Madrid

After working many years as an aircraft mechanic and inspector, and later as an executive leader in the non-profit and healthcare sectors, Joanne decided to follow her heart and make a career change!
Her search for meaningful work in the cannabis industry led her to Lightshade Dispensaries, where she has managed marketing, vendor promotions, and corporate social responsibility programs since January, 2018. Working in the cannabis space has provided her with many opportunities to normalize responsible cannabis consumption, all while helping those less fortunate.
CSR Lightshade DispensaryThrough Lightshade’s generosity, she has been able to work with numerous non-profit community partners to bring much-needed services to local community members. Although it would not seem apparent that her degrees in Social Science and Psychology would apply to her current work in cannabis, she views her varied background as the ‘perfect fit’, and has enjoyed sharing ideas with other cannabis companies on how they, too, can incorporate CSR into their business models. Her favorite thing about Lightshade CSR events is how they bring together Lightshade staff, vendors, business partners, community members, and non-profit organizations. These volunteer activities not only break down stigmas about people who are struggling to meet basic needs, but also enlighten the larger community on what amazing people work in the cannabis industry.