Elderly & Cannabis – Kind Love Colorado

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Tune in to Episode 23 with David Spitz, CEO of Kind Love Colorado one of the oldest dispensaries in Colorado opening in 2010. David discusses the true importance of cannabis for medicinal purposes as well as how to talk to your parents/grandparents about cannabis consumption, and ways for the elderly to utilize cannabis into their health and wellness routine.

David Spitz

As CEO of Kind Love, one of the most successful marijuana companies in Colorado, David is passionate about educating the senior community concerning the benefits of cannabis. Kind Love maintains a state-of-the-art growing facility producing award-winning hi-end recreational and medical flower Marijuana Infused Products, and oil extraction.

kind loveMr. Spitz has spent over 20 years as a business entrepreneur and holds a Juris Doctor degree from Tel Aviv University. As a Israeli Air-force veteran, and after taking 2 international cutting-edge technology and medical devices companies from inception to IPO and 15 mergers and acquisitions David had to overcome his stigma on cannabis to propel Kind Love from a struggling pioneer in the cannabis industry 8 years ago, to one of the leading, high-end fully integrated cannabis companies in Colorado, offering a variety of medicinal-quality products to the medical and recreational markets. Harnessing together the latest technologies and methods of growing, processing and production, together with the most updated medical research worldwide, David is an authority on all aspects of cannabis production and methods of use.