Edibles & Dosing – Faro Kitchen

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Check out Episode 7 of Lit & Lucid Podcast to learn more about responsible edible consumption, dosing issues, as well as the ups and downs of being a female entrepreneur in the cannabis industry!

Paige Kazazian

Paige has been working in the regulated cannabis industry for almost four years now, and is the founder of Faro Kitchen, a health-conscious edible line in Colorado.

As a recognized influencer and cannabis professional, she has been interviewed and featured in multiple publications,

including High Times, Forbes, Cannapreneur Magazine, and Circa News.

Paige has been named among the top 50 budtenders in Colorado, and leads sales statewide and nationally for some major cannabis brands. She was also a bring-up consultant in one of Las Vegas’ first 10 dispensaries, where she managed inventory, compliance and trained the entire staff.

Paige has successfully worked in many different levels and divisions of the cannabis industry. As a third-generation entrepreneur and someone with firsthand exposure to these industry gaps, she wanted to help fill those unet needs in the cannabis space. All of this contributed to the creation of her own edibles company, which is geared toward more mature and professional consumers looking for health-conscious and allergen-friendly options.