Ladies of Paradise – Lady Jays

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Tune in to Episode 94 as we sit down with the Co-Founders of Ladies of Paradise, Harlee Case and Jade Daniels. Ladies in Paradise is a woman-owned creative agency in Portland, OR which was created as a place to uplift, unite and educate individuals by means of fashion, community and culture.

We discuss how they entered the industry and are now working to create and facilitate the modern day cannabis culture in Oregon through photography, dispensary interior design and events. Harlee and Jade also expanded their brand to include Lady Jays, THC, CBD and CBG pre-rolls. Currently 50% of the hemp-based pre-roll sales are going to Don’t Shoot Portland, a social justice nonprofit as well as an upcoming BLM THC blend where nearly 100% of sales will go to Last Prisoner Project.

Give this episode a listen to hear from these inspiring ladies about the Oregon cannabis community, their experience with online CBD sales and more!

Harlee Case

Ladies of Paradise Lady JaysHarlee Case is a Portland-based stylist, photographer, creative director and co-founder of Ladies of Paradise. A talented musician, Case lights up her surroundings, emanating passion, determination and her gift for creativity and contrarian thinking. “Hustle hard, know your worth, and work with women,” is the mantra fueling Case’s work with LoP. She’s a total badass, and the fire that keeps Ladies of Paradise shining bright.




Jade Daniels

Ladies of Paradise Lady JaysCreating a lifestyle brand is all about transition, adaptation and innovation— Jade Daniels spent her childhood moving around the world and quickly developed a knack for making friends and adapting to new situations. This was practice for the future, where she grew to become the ultimate connector and networker. Jade finds true happiness in bringing people together and making sure her friends and family are the happiest versions of themselves. She founded Ladies of Paradise in 2014, after earning a degree in Public Relations at the University of Houston. LoP followed as Daniels transitioned to the cannabis industry after moving to Oregon.