E.151 – Providing HR & Payroll Services to the Cannabis Industry ft. Colton Keluche, Würk

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Tune in to E.151 featuring Colton Keluche, Director of Marketing at Würk. Würk allows cannabis companies to manage payroll, human resources, timekeeping, scheduling and tax compliance, and minimizes compliance risks in the ever-changing cannabis regulatory environment.

Colton shares more about Würk’s mission that was started by Keegan Peterson in 2015 in Denver, CO. The inspiration behind Würk was to create technology solutions for the industry that could help a company grow and stabilize in order to maximize their profits. Today Würk works with both small companies and large MSO’s across the U.S. handling HR, payroll, and compliance demands. Due to Würk’s large client base they have expertise in many areas of the industry from cultivation, ancillary businesses and more.

Colton provides insight into Colorado’s industry as he’s watched it grown since its infancy into what we all agree is currently in it’s teenage years. As a Colorado native himself it was fun to chat with Colton about Colorado’s market and more about Würk.

Colton Keluche

Würk Colton KelucheColton Keluche is a creative marketing and communications professional with unique experience in high-growth companies. He is a resourceful self-starter adept at working in both startup environments and Fortune 500 companies. At his core, he possesses strong communication and project management skills with sensitivity towards cultural nuances. Colton started his career by creating a cross-cultural facilitator business that worked on behalf of Native American landowners and allottees in North Dakota as they interacted with energy and development companies during the Oil Boom. As the activity declined in the Bakken, Colton carried his learned experience pivoting into Cannabis. Colton has since been in cannabis consulting and marketing for 7+ years on the product, tech, and advertising fronts and maintains a passion to continue to empower and support the individuals that pioneer this exciting industry. Colton is often the first one to the board room AND the dance floor.