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Tune in to Episode 84 featuring Rick Batenburg III, Founding Partner and CIO of Cliintel Capital Management Group. Rick provides insight into the world of venture capital, and how his company has helped The Clear Cannabis, Inc. grow their business across the U.S. Cliintel Capital is hosting the Infused Products Conference in May where entrepreneurs will have the chance to pitch their business idea for an opportunity to work with Cliintel and $25,000 in capital to scale their company. Rick concludes the show with business advice for those looking to pitch an idea at this year’s conference providing insight into exactly what investors are looking for to ensure return on their investment.

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Rick Batenburg III

Venture Capital Cannabis Rick Batenburg

Rick Batenburg III is a Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Cliintel Capital Management Group (CCMG) and on the Board of Directors at Clear Cannabis, Inc. Rick started his career working as a Financial Advisor and Private Equity Specialist for Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Group where he handled high level clients. After cannabis was legalized in Colorado, January of 2014, Rick saw an opportunity in an emerging market. Rick launched CCMG as a first of its kind vertical conglomerate of cannabis companies that are licensed legally through the funding with the Marijuana Enforcement Division and the SEC. To Rick, being a venture capitalist means being the ignition point to connect ideas, people and resources. Creating something where there was nothing is the best way he knows how to contribute to our society.