E. 149 – Creating Efficiency with Cannabis Pathogen Testing ft. Milan Patel, PathogenDx

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Welcome to the season finale of Lit & Lucid Season 14! Joining us is Milan Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of PathogenDx. PathogenDx has been an Arizona-based provider of microbial testing technologies since 2014 and has created an easy to use swab test for testing cannabis crops for over 30 pathogens with results in 6 hours. Milan explains more about creating efficiency with cannabis pathogen testing in Episode 149.

Milan shares with us the importance of consumer safety when it comes to what we consume. He explains the science behind PathogenDx’s cannabis pathogen testing technology and how it differs from others on the market. This technology is currently being used in many cannabis testing labs across the U.S. quickly detecting pathogens such as aspergillus, powdery mildew, ecoli, listeria and more.

PathogenDx has also expanded their offering into food safety and most recently in 2020 pivoted to work on COVID-19 variant testing. Milan shares with us more on the ground-breaking work they are doing in the field and what’s to come in the future for PathogenDx.

Tune in to the final episode of the season, Milan was a delight to talk to and very easily explains the complex science behind cannabis pathogen testing!

Milan Patel

Milan Patel is the co-founder and CEO of PathogenDx, an Arizona-based biotechnology company that has developed a multiplexed microarray molecular-based pathogen testing platform. The company created an easy to use swab for testing cannabis crops for over 30 pathogens and delivers results in just 6 hours (most Petri dish-based tests take at least 72 hours). The PathogenDx team is aiming to set the

Cannabis Pathogen Testing PathogenDx new standard in DNA testing for not just cannabis and hemp crops, but also other agricultural, water, meat/dairy industries, and now COVID. This technology can truly be applied anywhere we need to test for pathogens for human consumption safety.

Mr. Patel leads the strategic vision, financial health and global growth of PathogenDx. His passion lies in the well-being and safety of humanity — he looks at the big picture to see the value technology can have in protecting as many people as possible, starting here with what we ingest. Previously, he spent over 25 years working with large public, small private and entrepreneurial companies in numerous fields from the life sciences, to biotechnology, to government services and the automotive industry. Milan served as COO/CFO of GMSbiotech.