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Tune in to Episode 82 to learn from Winston Boney, CEO of The Highly Educated about the importance of educating budtenders. Winston’s company was founded on the principal that budtenders are the cornerstone of the cannabis industry. As a budtender herself Winston has first hand knowledge of the importance of having an educated bud tender on staff to ensure patients feel comfortable and safe with the transactions they make. Winston’s cannabis journey and her passion for bud tender education came from her experience working in the Massachusetts’ market which she provides insight into on the show. The Highly Educated also offers cannabis educational courses that are tailored to fit your needs whether you are a novice or experienced in the industry.

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Winston Boney

WInston Boney Educating Bud tenders
Winston started out in the cannabis industry as a budtender in 2016, moving to consulting in 2018 and then finally landing in Education in 2019. Winston has a passion for consumer based cannabis knowledge, diversity in cannabis and ethical camnabis. She works to spread knowledge about the plant all while empowering her students to push themselves to their greatest potential!