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Tune in to Episode 77 recorded live in Las Vegas, Nevada during MJBiz Con week with Greg Welch, formally known as Ty Forto of Cannabiscapes. Listen to Greg’s last episode on L & L where we discuss Cannabiscapes and current affairs in the Florida cannabis market. In Episode 77 we dive into the truth behind the cannabis industry and the importance of local cannabis farmers, the threat from large corporations and their lack of knowledge about cannabis culture. This is one episode you don’t want to miss!

Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith Cannabis.

Greg Welch

Greg Welch CannabiscapesBefore jumping in cannabis entrepreneurism Greg Welch spent 4 years working in the regulated cannabis industry traveling around the country working trade shows and running business development.

It was during this time that he first started meeting the people that would inspire his art style and help generate a following.

Throughout the journey of Cannabiscapes he’s been lucky enough to work with some really cool brands and very meaningful projects including Rapper, Berner.

Cannabiscapes is a multi-media marketing and design project using cannabis flower, extracts, and accessories to create works of art. The goal of cannabiscapes is to portray cannabis in new ways while providing uniquely personalized content. Recent projects include cannabis brands Reef, JungleBoys, Exotikz, Bass, hip-hop star/entrepreneur Berner, and country music’s Eric Church.