CBD for Pet Wellness – Pet-Ness

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Tune in to Episode 69 to learn more about how to implement CBD into your pet’s health and wellness regimen. Learn from Co-Founder Jeremy Feldman and Brand Director David Nichols about the inspiration behind their brand and how our pets too can utilize CBD for their health and wellness! Animals, just like humans have an Endocannabonoid System that helps the body maintain homeostasis. If you are looking to incorporate CBD into your pet’s routine check out Pet-Ness online where they specialize in dog and cat tinctures and treats.

Jeremy Feldman

CBD for pet wellness Petness New York City native, professional dog groomer, trainer and pet business owner Jeremy Feldman first started dog grooming in the early 2000s after receiving his Master Dog Grooming Certificate from the New York School of Dog Grooming. After spending a decade grooming at several notable Connecticut pet boutiques, he decided to focus on dog training, working under the tutelage of renowned dog trainers Michael Ellis and world champion John Soares.

With a deep passion for dog grooming and training, Feldman opened Shoreline Canine Mobile Grooming and Training in Connecticut. He is also the founder and CEO of PetYen.com, a New York City-based website that connects pet owners with professional pet service providers in their neighborhood quickly and efficiently.

Jeremy’s love of pets has currently taken him into the world of CBD, where he is now the Co-Founder and Brand Director of Pet-Ness, the makers of full spectrum hemp oil dog treats and tinctures, scientifically formulated to perform specific functions by utilizing synergistic herbal blends.

David Nichols

CBD for pet wellness Petness David Nichols started his first business as a student at USC, and has been identifying and developing new business opportunities ever since.

Having spent eighteen years with American heritage sneaker brand K-Swiss, Nichols served in a number of leadership positions there, including Global Brand President, CMO and President of Europe Operations. During his tenure, Nichols was instrumental in re-creating and elevating the brand; driving new revenue streams and creating award-winning marketing campaigns for the NASDAQ-listed public company, as well as leading efforts to prepare it for a successful acquisition.

Earlier this year, David pulled together a small group of talented people to launch Pet-Ness, a modern pet brand developing products that are uniquely “formulated for function”.