Investing in Psychedelics – Tim Schlidt, Palo Santo

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Tune in to E.136 featuring Tim Schlidt, Co-Founder and partner at Palo Santo as we discuss investing in psychedelics. Palo Santo’s diversified investment fund is helping to increase the supply of clinically effective and accessible mental health and addiction treatment solutions in today’s world. We discuss the rising mental health conditions facing people around the world and how psychedelics are well positioned to address this problem. Tim also explains how many of the companies in Palo Santo’s portfolio are taking an authentic and innovative approach to healthcare.

We have an in-depth conversation about big Pharma’s role in this evolution and the idea of synthetically deriving these compounds. Tim explains what the implications of this will be for both patients as well as the indigenous communities who utilize these compounds for ceremonial purposes. The show wraps up discussing some of the creative work these companies are producing in the field and where the future of psychedelics might be in the next 5-10 years.

If you are looking to learn more about the future of investing in psychedelics give this episode a listen!

Tim Schlidt

Investing in Psychedelics Palo SantoTim Schlidt is a co-founder and partner at Palo Santo. He brings extensive knowledge investing across life sciences and healthcare services, and has held a lifelong passion for understanding and improving treatments for CNS disorders. Tim believes psychedelics are poised to shift the paradigm in mental health treatment and his primary mission in co-founding Palo Santo is to invest in companies and solutions that allow for broad access to those most in need of mental healthcare. Prior to co-founding Palo Santo, he covered the life sciences and healthcare services sectors as a private equity investor at Madison Dearborn Partners and an investment banker at J.P. Morgan and Greenhill.