Cannabis and Creativity – Pilgrim Soul

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Do you utilize cannabis to spark creativity? Whether it be to bring life to your everyday routine, tackle a new problem at work, or to sit down and paint a piece of art. Many utilize cannabis to alter their normal thought process to help bring themselves into a flow state of creative thinking. Tune in to E.104 featuring Shawn Gold, founder of Pilgrim Soul who’s published a creative journal that you can use while high to optimize your own creative performance.

We discuss the inspiration behind the name Pilgrim Soul, Shawn’s own creative process with crafting the journal, and more on the science and history behind cannabis consumption and creativity. We think you’ll find this episode rather interesting as we continue to educate consumers on the importance of conscious cannabis consumption for optimal performance, not purchasing products solely on the THC level, and the future of shopping for performance specific cannabis products.

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Shawn Gold

Cannabis Creativity Shawn Gold Pilgrim SoulShawn lives his life with the notion that where there is an open mind, there is always a frontier – that everything we’ve learned is not necessarily an answer but precedence – a jumping-off point for new ideas. Professionally, he uses creative flow for empathetic understanding, hyper-focus, imagination, and idea generation. He developed advertising campaigns for some of America’s best-known brands, wrote relationship advice columns for top women’s magazines, and helped scale some of the Americas’ most popular news, entertainment, and social networking websites.