Cannabis Consciousness – Max Simon, Green Flower Media

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Have you ever pondered the concept of the cannabis consciousness? Do you utilize cannabis in your own health and wellness regimen? Learn more about these topics from Max Simon, Founder and CEO of Green Flower Media, a leader in online cannabis education and training.

Having suffered from ADD his whole life Max has found a sense of peace and presence while consuming cannabis plant medicine. He’s taken a great deal of time to ponder the concept of the cannabis consciousness, beautifully articulating its meaning on our show. Max also spent 8 years working alongside Deepak Chopra elevating his brand and online presence. He continues to have a strong relationship with Deepak, providing us with insight into what Deepak thinks about plant medicine.

Finally, stay tuned until the end of Episode 101 to learn more about an exciting announcement on the horizon for Green Flower!

Max Simon

Cannabis Consciousness Max Simon Green Flower Media With a vision of building an education company that would change the world’s understanding of cannabis, Max Simon co-founded Green Flower in 2014. Green Flower has since become the industry leader in cannabis education and training, producing thousands of hours of online courses and high-quality video content covering every facet of cannabis today; bolstering a network of over 700 top cannabis experts; powering the cannabis curriculums of multiple Universities across the US; and successfully training cannabis workforces around the world.

Max’s mission to educate the world about cannabis and discredit misinformation reflects his work in bringing meditation and mind-body wellness out of the shadows in the early 2000’s, when he served as Director of Consumer Products for the Chopra Center. For almost 8 years, Max built and ran world-renowned self-help guru Deepak Chopra’s products business; there, he rebranded the company; developed and launched 49 signature products; created their digital marketing strategy; and impacted hundreds of millions of people on- and offline.

Green Flower is also a personal mission for Max, who has successfully used cannabis for over two decades as an integral part of his wellness regime—and to aid in the treatment of his ADD.