Mushroom Cultivation, Gary Heferle – Fresh From the Farm Fungi

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We sit down with Gary Heferle, Founder/Owner of Fresh From the Farm Fungi in Denver, CO to chat all things mushrooms! Between Gary’s education background in medical technology, his work as a cannabis cultivator and working for a cannabis testing facility, this knowledge gave him the confidence to start Fresh From the Farm Fungi where he cultivates a wide variety of premium quality gourmet mushrooms. Gary tells us about the similarities in cultivating cannabis and mushrooms and how many of the processes and equipment used for cannabis can be utilized for fungi. We chat about the growing popularity of mushrooms in the U.S. from cultivating your own, cooking and eating mushrooms to utilizing psilocybin for one’s mental health.

Gary widens our perspective on the sheer potential of mushrooms and we hope he does for you too! Mush love.

Gary Heferle

Gary Heferle Gary Heferle is the Owner and Founder of Fresh from the Farm Fungi, Colorado’s Premium Gourmet Mushrooms! He is an avid business entrepreneur who is always dabbling with new ideas, exciting experiments and involves mushrooms into many aspects of his life, whether it’s growing, cooking, eating, educating or selling. With an extensive background in laboratory settings, he’s combining safety with delicious food that he brings to the Denver markets!