The Art of Natural Rolling – Native Leaf Co.

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Native Leaf Co. has created a natural way to roll by utilizing what nature has to offer. They’ve sourced natural hemp leaves crafted to perfection to provide you with a sustainable, natural wrap to smoke your herb in. We sat down with Founder, Sidney Quitorio to discuss the inspiration behind the brand and how his product came to be. Coming from the tech industry to cannabis Sidney was a passionate about creating an all-natural experience for the consumer. Through much R&D and testing countless wraps himself Sidney crafted this wrap to provide the smoothest taste free of chemicals. We chatted about how many consumers use the wraps as a traditional means of creating cannagars and more on the culture and art of rolling up herb.

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Sidney Quitorio

Native Leaf Co. Sidney Quitorio When I was a senior in high school, I read “The Secret” and it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of growth. This led me to work on myself, learn about new ideas and concepts, push myself to become a Software Engineer, and also come to the realization I needed to quit Software Engineering. This is also what led me to create Purple Rose Supply, our parent company. Prior to this, a lot of consumers didn’t have a way to enjoy cannagars because they were expensive and only sold in select states. After providing customers with the most user-friendly way to make cannagars, many asked for wraps made out of fan leaves (since it’s the traditional way to smoke a cannagar). We partnered with a company to provide fan leaf shells, and while I loved the concept, I wasn’t happy with the delivery. The shells were not versatile because you could only use them with our cannagars, they were brittle, and they had a grassy, plant-like taste. I knew by fixing these issues, I could provide the most natural wrap. So I set out to create Native Leaf. After my first prototype, I realized curing the leaves for a long time removed the leafy taste and let me really taste my herb. Once I saw its potential, I was determined to hammer the process down, learn the science behind it, and perfect it (still on this never ending journey).