Psychedelic Experience of Cannabis – Space Coyote

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Tune in to Episode 112 featuring Libby Cooper Co-Founder and CEO of Space Coyote specializing in infused joints. We chat with Libby about what makes their joints unique from utilizing sun-grown cannabis, being conscious of the packaging, and collaborating with top-notch extractors in California to provide an out of this world experiences for consumers. Libby tells us about how Space Coyote came to be and the vibe they are looking to attract with their brand. Space Coyote has hopes of normalizing concentrate consumption as well as showcasing the psychedelic experience of cannabis consumption. We finish off the show chatting about the idea that we could possibly be living in a simulation and the concept of “manifesting.”

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Libby Cooper

Libby Cooper Space CoyoteLibby Cooper is CEO and Co-Founder of Space Coyote. An artist and established contributor / advocate in the cannabis industry, Libby is the creative genius behind Space Coyote, crafting a brand that stands out from the noise and pulls people in. In less than 18 months, Libby has led Space Coyote to be a top 20 preroll brand in California. Space Coyote is now one of the fastest growing woman owned / operated cannabis companies, and is sold in over 250 dispensaries. Before founding Space Coyote, Libby was the Creative Director at Eaze, California’s largest cannabis retail platform. While at Eaze, Libby built and launched multiple cannabis brands, including STATE cartridges (2016 launch), Tiger Mint Extracts (2017 launch), Ritual Drops (2017 launch – Cannabis Cup Winner), and more. Cumulatively, these brands sold over $5M in revenue in their first year of operation. Libby truly believes in smokable, potent products, affirming that women can be stoners and being a stoner is celebratory.